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The domestic availability of manganese ore is one of the crucial challenges being faced by the ferro alloy industry in India at the moment. Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) and Manganese Ore India Limited (MOIL), the two public sector undertakings, have formed a joint venture (JV) company SAIL and MOIL Ferro Alloys Private Ltd, for setting up of a 1 lakhton capacity manganese alloy plant in Bhilai. Similarly, MOIL has signed up a JV agreement with Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd. (RINL) for setting up manganese alloy plant near Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. Once these plants become operational, it is estimated that around 60 percent of MOIL's manganese ore will be consumed by the SAIL-MOIL ferro alloy plant at Bhilai; MOIL-RINL ferro alloy plant, Visakhapatnam and MEL plant at Chandrapur. The industry will then have to depend on 100 percent import of high-grade manganese ore in the near future. Therefore, in its efforts to import manganese ore, IMFAL was successful in developing long term relationship with Australian and South African mine owners by continuously importing manganese ore and marketing to domestic consumers. No efforts left to locate Manganese ore in other parts of the world i.e. Ivory Coast, South Africa, Indonesia, West Africa and other mineral rich countries. The Company with its aggressive marketing team has also developed good base for supply of high grade manganese ore in Goa and Nagpur and the continuous orders with satisfactory supply has left long last bonding relationship with several Nagpur and Goa based parties.


To manufacture Ferro Chrome by its associates RFTL, the industry has to import low ash low phos metallurgical coke.With steel production set to grow in coming years, domestic consumption of ferro alloys is expected to increase. India has the potential to become a major player in the global ferro alloy industry in the coming years. It needs to acknowledge market factors and seize opportunities for ferro alloy and steel.

The availability of metallurgical coke is also becoming critical by the day. The industry has to depend on imports for their requirements of low ash low phos metallurgical coke, as the quality is much superior than the indigenous coke, which ultimately decides the quality of the ferro alloys produced.

In view of uncertainty in the availability of LAM coke and being costly, the company has worked out alternative and has imported Anthracite coal having high FC, Low Phos and Low Sulphur suitable for production of Ferro Chrome. The usage being great success in Ferro Chrome, technology that was seen, even Manganese alloy and Ferro Silicon producers are also using Anthracite coal with other blends.

Apart Manganese Ore, Anthracite coal import for trading, the company is also into exports of Bulk ferro alloys (manganese alloys, silicon alloys and chrome alloys).

It is estimated that the steel production in China would be around 640 mt during this calendar year, an increase of 12.6 percent over the same period last year. China is developing infrastructure construction facilities and has the largest number of small and privately-owned steel enterprises in the country and the government is encouraging more consolidation. China will increase their ferro alloy production in the coming months and at the same time, import of alloys will increase as compared to the import of ores.

In today's business strategy, where every Ferro alloy plant should be supported with and backed by Mines & Power, Impex Metal has acquired quartzite mines in the proximity of its Bobbili Ferro Silicon plant to feed its requirement of 24000MT per annum. The quartzite mines with a grade of 96-98% Si02 and with its huge reserves can take care of the company's requirement for the coming 20 years.

Commitment to industry and buyers and hands-on involvement of the business leaders Mr. S K Patni & team, the company has been progressing year after year with increased production, diversification, acquisition, and concentrating on exports of all ferro alloys and imports of Manganese ore and Anthracite Coal.

Trading all minerals and exporting all ferro alloys, Impex has become the most influential company in global ferro alloy marketing net work exporting Ferro alloys and others with the support of its associates RFTL with a remarkable 1.00 lakh mt in a year.

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